Dr. Fouad Al Shaban's Group

Dr. Fouad Al Shaban's group at QBRI focuses on applying epidemiological methods to evaluate the burden of ASD on Qatari families and other families residing in Qatar, through studying the prevalence rates of ASD and all contributing risk factors associated with the disorder. The group is also working to establish an ASD registry in Qatar.

The group is commited to establishing a regional center of autism research excellence that will contribute to improving early diagnosis, intervention and treatment of autism spectrum disorders. We plan to achieve this through the development of interdisciplinary research programs, one of which is focused on finding the ASD prevalence rate, and those of all contributing risk factors associated with the disorder, in Qatar. This ambitious QNRF funded research project involves screening more than 100,000 school children between the ages 5-12 years, using a standardized ASD screening questionnaire known as the Social Communication Questionnaire (SCQ). This research project is being executed in collaboration with Qatar-based and international research institutions, such as Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar University, and Shafallah Center for Children with Special needs, in Qatar and Cleveland Clinic and Oregon Health & Science University in the USA.

ASD Epidemiology Group

Dr. Fouad Al Shaban's Team

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