Brain Bee competition '15 - '16

 The Brain Bee Competition (BBC) is an annual international competition that has more than 150 branches in over 30 nations. BBC was launched and supported by the Society for Neuroscience in 1999, to allow the engagement of secondary/high school students in learning about the brain sciences and increase the number of applicants to pursue neuroscience careers. Thus, this competition is considered to be the largest worldwide neuroscience competition. The program is divided into four rounds to examine high school students’ background and knowledge in their neuroscience and brain sciences academic level.

Program Objectives

 The competition takes place at local level and then feeds into national and international level competitions and is mainly targeted at high school students. BBC aims at enriching, evaluating, and examining high school students’ knowledge about brain sciences. It enforces on the importance of brain as an organ and how it serves as the center of the nervous system in all vertebrates.

Please Read the BBC 2015 - 2016 Report

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