Diabetes Community Outreach Program

In a collaborative initiative, the Qatar Diabetes Association (QDA) and the Qatar Biomedical Research institute (QBRI), both members of the Qatar foundation, joined their efforts on the World Diabetes Day in order to raise the public’s awareness about diabetes disease and its complications.

Scientists from the diabetes center at QBRI talked to members of the public in need of information about the different types of diabetes, causes that lead to the development of the disease and the available treatments. Dr. Abdelilah Arredouani and Dr. Mohamed Dehbi emphasized the importance of early diagnosis of diabetes, mainly for people with familial history of the disease, in order to prevent or at least delay the onset of diabetes-associated micro- and macro-vascular complications including cardiovascular disease, diabetes blindness, diabetes kidney failure and diabetes-related low limb amputations. They also stressed the importance of healthy nutrition and active life style to prevent and manage the disease as well as the important role of the families in the management of the daily life of the diabetics.

The event was also an opportunity for the public to learn about the truth of stem cell therapy for diabetes. Dr. Essam Abdelalim and Dr. Mohamed Emara explained to the interested public how stem cells can be used to treat diabetic patients and what are the interesting latest developments in this field. The two scientists tried mainly to make the public aware of the fact that so far there is no proven stem cell based therapy available for diabetes and that the initial phases of clinical trials on patients with type 1 diabetes just started last year to test the safety and efficacy of such type of therapy.

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